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loveisryland's Journal

loveisryland; a ryland blackinton lj community!
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a livejournal community for everything ryland blackinton!
welcome to loveisryland, a livejournal community dedicated to ryland blackinton of cobra starship/this is ivy league. in this community you can post anything related to ryland! that includes graphics, videos, pictures, whatever else, as long as ryland is involved somehow it belongs here! we do enjoy many ryland picspams.

we only have a few rules here, there are as follows:
→ rudeness is not accepted. no ~drama here pls. if you are constantly rude for no apparent reason, you will be ban_set. no ~creepyness either pls.
→ please make sure every post is relevant to ryland. posts that are nothing to do with him will be deleted.
→ do not insult members. if you have a problem with someone, msg them and tell them. keep it off of this community, we don't care about your drama.
→ graphics, videos, experiences with ryland, news/updates, concert recaps, etc are all accepted here. pretty much anything to do with him is ~cool with us. however, please do not post slash/fanfiction. if you do so, you will be banned.
→ if you're good with this list, enjoy posting! ♥

THE COBRA FAMILY; suavez | vickytlove | dailygabespam | nastynovarro!
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